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Angler's Guide to Amazon Catfish


Giant Amazon Catfish

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Jau - World Record Giant Amazon CatfishThe Amazon is the catfish capitol of the world! No river system, anywhere in the world, is as rich in catfish species as the Amazon basin. It is estimated that over 2800 different species of fish occur in the Amazon. Amazingly, almost half of them are catfish! The order Siluriformes, or catfish, (along with the Characiformes) are the most diverse order of Amazon fishes and probably the most spectacular . With 15 families, including over 1200 species, Amazon catfish not only dominate the Amazon, but they account for almost half of all the catfish species in the world. Ranging in size from the tiny, 2cm candiru to the gigantic, nearly 3 meter long Brachyplatystoma, or 'piraiba', these fishes occupy tremendously diverse ecological niches. Some are bottom dwellers, some nocturnal. Some are parasites and some are roving predators. Some are completely scaleless while others are heavily covered with bony armor plates.

Russell Jensen's world record piraiba catfish
At 295 lbs, this piraiba is the largest verified catfish ever caught on rod and reel.
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The dense, inaccessible Amazon jungles have kept many species from the prying eyes and curious observation of man, leaving the biological and ecological aspects of these Siluriformes poorly known. Many species are yet to be discovered. Meanwhile, the worldwide angling community has, until recently, seen nothing like these catfish. Room had to be made in the record books for a half-dozen Brazilian species ranging up to and well over the 100 pound plus category. These giants belong to the large and diverse Family, Pimelodidae. Acute Angling's clientele has already set new all-tackle world records for the piraiba, with a 295 pound monster, for the jau with a 109 pound specimen, and twice for the jundira, in several high gradient Amazon rivers. There are many angling records waiting to be set in Brazil and, as big as these behemoths get, they won't be set by "noodlers"!

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When you Travel With Acute Angling, It's Much More Than Just Fishing

Imagine casting your line into the mysterious and beautiful black waters of the Brazilian Amazon. Then imagine the explosive strike of one of the biggest Peacock Bass you've ever seen. Then picture yourself fighting and landing the world's greatest freshwater gamefish and the trophy you've been dreaming of. Imagine doing this for days on end, without intrusive interruptions, or hurrying off because you've run out of time.

With Acute Angling, you can experience the ultimate in peacock bass fishing trips. For over fifteen years, Acute Angling has been providing the very best fishing excursions in South America.

We've done all the research so you don't have to. From start to finish, we are there every step of the way to make sure you have the best sportfishing experience of your lifetime. We are there fishing with you and we'll help with techniques, tackle tips, and a full array of extras not found with run-of-the-mill fishing travel agencies or other outfitters.

We've investigated and studied the regions we'll be taking you to, so our knowledge will help you have an unparalleled experience. Acute Angling handles your complete travel program…from air travel, to entry visa, to pre-trip preparation and even travel insurance. Combine that with our specialized tackle packages and you'll have nothing to worry about except catching trophy peacock bass. Let us handle the details.

Now, just imagine it one more time: Holding up that incredible peacock bass that YOU wrestled out of the wild jungle-framed waters. Taking the photo and then releasing the beautiful animal back to the wild. Doesn't that feel good?

Let Acute Angling take you on the fishing trip of a lifetime!

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