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In Search of "El Dorado"
     For over two hundred years after Columbus found the New World, brave, gold-crazed explorers searched for "El Dorado", the fabled city of gold hidden deep in South America's wild jungles.  For a somewhat shorter time (15 years now), Acute Angling, less brave, but just as crazed (although for fish) has been searching for an "El Dorado" of a  scalier kind. 
     This dorado is pure fishing gold.  Salminus maxillosus, the South American freshwater dorado.  An exceptionally strong swimmer and jumper, dorado typically range in size from 5 to 10 pounds, although twenty pound trophies can be common at the right time and place.  While the current IGFA all-tackle record is over 50 pounds, giants of up to 70 pounds have been caught in nets.   Their intense, almost radiant, golden color is marked with holographic black horizontal stripes.  This patterning, coupled with their powerful jaws and razor sharp teeth have earned the dorado the sobriquet "River Tiger" in South America.  Once fooled with a bait, their arm-wrenching strike is a testament to their aggressiveness and ferocity.  As soon as an angler sets the hook, these wild leapers explode out of the water in a series of outrageous jumps, truly making them an angler's "El Dorado".

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