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Rio Branco Peacock Bass Fishery

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Fishing in this region generally begins in late November and can continue right through March. Like the Madeira, the Rio Branco itself is not a peacock sportfishery. However, its clear water tributaries, such as the Tapera and Xeriuini produce great numbers of peacock bass. Although peacocks over 20 lbs. are not common here, the area is known for a high proportion of midsize fish and with more than enough fish in the high teens to satisfy any fisherman. 

Rio Xeriuini - A lightly stained black-water river known for good numbers of medium to large peacocks up to 22 pounds. Typically Nov - Jan.

Rio Tapera - Lightly stained black water in the lower river enables a great fly fishery and is also extremely productive with conventional tackle. Can produce 100 fish per day when conditions are optimal, generally Jan - Feb.

Rio Massaui - Although its mouth empties into a channel connecting to the Rio Negro, making it technically speaking, a Rio Negro tributary, the river's character is most influenced by the Rio Branco floods and its savannah lands drainage. Good numbers with fish up to 20 pounds. Generally fishes - Nov. - Jan.

Lagos Homeros - A complex chain of lakes draining lightly stained black water into the Rio Branco, this region boast good numbers of peacocks up to 22 pounds as well as a variety of other attrictive species including very large aruana. Generally fishes best December - March.

Rio Branco Fisheries map
Rio Branco Peacock Bass Fisheries Map

Rio Macucuau - The Macucuau drains into the Jaupiri, a Rio Negro tributary, making it too, technically speaking, a Rio Negro tributary. However, it shares a vast interfluvial Marsh area with a range of Rio Branco tributaries, influencing its water and fish population. A small river with beautiful white sand beaches.

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