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Won't the mosquitoes eat me alive?

Won't the mosquitoes eat me alive? - Absolutely not! You'll probably get more bites changing planes in Miami. Actually, there are almost no mosquitoes in the regions we fish during the dry season. The river waters are generally too acidic to allow mosquito reproduction. The annoying critters can only effectively increase their numbers during the rainy season, when soft, standing water becomes available in the hollows of Bromeliads (jungle plants), in the flooded 'várzea' of whitewater systems and in tightly intertwined root systems in the primary forest.  Make no mistake about it, they could probably lift you by the shoulders and carry you away during the rainy season, but fortunately, we don't fish for peacock bass at that time or in those places. Some of the rivers do have small biting gnats and horse flies, but never in oppressive numbers. Bees and wasps are also encountered, generally in numbers similar to those found in the United States.

black water
The tannin-stained black water of lowland rivers is too acidic to allow mosquito reproduction.


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