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Yacht Accommodations


Our "Blackwater Explorer", built in 2007, is a 24 meter, air-conditioned "Amazon Regional" style yacht.  The watchword aboard is "comfort". The "Explorer" has  bright, individually air-conditioned cabins with private bathrooms. There is a spacious, comfortably furnished lounge and dining room with panoramic windows. The air-conditioned space comfortably seats the entire fishing group for meals. The "Explorer" has a spacious open air bar and lounge for outdoor relaxing, story-telling or stargazing. All decks have railed walkways. The fishing boats are towed behind the yacht while we travel and are accessed at deck level when anglers embark. The "Explorer" boasts a fully equipped kitchen and provides delicious home-cooked meals. Laundry is done daily, so anglers need not over-pack (as you might guess, we don't require formal dress for dinner).

Blackwater Explorer - Peacock Bass Yacht Trips
The Blackwater Explorer - The Peacock Bass Mothership.

Smoking is permitted only in the specified open-air upper deck area.

Personal Possessions -- Our rivers are almost completely devoid of human habitation.  Those few individuals that are occasionally found on the rivers (usually either 'caboclos' or Indians) are always friendly, since we have negotiated fishing rights with them, within their reservation or region. We have never had an incident of thievery in our camps.  Our staff are honest, reliable people who respect all your belongings. Valuables can be left in your bungalow or cabin without concern.  Do not take your documents or valuables out fishing with you. Leave them in your cabin.

Blackwater Explorer - Dining Area
Blackwater Explorer - Dining Area
Blackwater Explorer - Kitchen
Blackwater Explorer - Kitchen

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