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Peacock bass fishing in the Amazon lowlands is well underway with several great fisheries reaching their prime water levels. What a great time to join us in Brazil for mighty peacocks or to head off with us on one of our famous Exploratory trips.

Experience the fishing trip of a lifetime with Acute Angling, the world's leading authority on the fierce fishes of South America.

Blackwater Explorer Charter

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Price: Inquire

Accomodation: Blackwater Explorer

Species: Apapá, Catfish, Pacu, Peacock Bass, Piranha

Season: Year Round

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Blackwater Explorer -
Rio Igapó Aҫu

Peacock Bass - restricted, high-volume fishery

Price: $5450

Accomodation: Blackwater Explorer

Species: Peacock Bass

Season: September, October

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Economy Peacock Bass

Pinima Peacocks & Variety

Price: $3,450

Accomodation: Floating Bungalow Camps

Species: Apapá, Aruana, Catfish, Cichla pinima

Season: September

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