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Giant Amazon Catfish
Learn More About Giant Amazon Catfish

The order Siluriformes, or catfish, are the most spectacularly diverse order of Amazon fishes. With over 1200 species, Amazon catfish not only dominate the Amazon, but they account for almost half of all the catfish species in the world.

The dense, inaccessible Amazon jungles have kept these monsters from the prying eyes of man, leaving many species yet to be discovered. The worldwide angling community has, until recently, seen nothing like these catfish. Room had to be made in the record books for a half-dozen giant species ranging up to and well over the 100 pound plus category. Our clientele has already set several new world records including a 295 pound monster 'piraiba' catfish. There are many more records waiting to be set in these hidden waters and, as big as these behemoths get, they won't be set by 'noodlers'!

Blackwater Explorer -
Rio Negro Basin

Peacock Bass - World Record class fishery

Price: $4,450 / $4,950

Accomodation: Blackwater Explorer

Species: Catfish, Peacock Bass

Season: September - February

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Blackwater Explorer Charter

Create your own itinerary

Price: Inquire

Accomodation: Blackwater Explorer

Species: Apapá, Catfish, Pacu, Peacock Bass, Piranha

Season: Year Round

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Rio Travessão Variety

Fierce Amazon Predators.

Price: $5450

Accomodation: Elegant Rustic Lodge

Species: Bicuda, Catfish, Pacu, Payara, Peacock Bass, Piranha, Wolfish (Trairao)

Season: October through February

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Fly-in Floating Bungalows

Trophy Peacock Bass

Price: $4950

Accomodation: Floating Bungalow Camps

Species: Catfish, Peacock Bass

Season: October, November

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Economy Peacock Bass

Pinima Peacocks & Variety

Price: $3,450

Accomodation: Floating Bungalow Camps

Species: Apapá, Aruana, Catfish, Cichla pinima

Season: September

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2017 Exploratory

Fast-Water, Variety Species

Price: $5,450

Accomodation: Exploratory Trips

Species: Catfish, Cichla pinima, Matrinchao

Season: August 2017

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