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Care for Some Arapaima with your Fishing Trip?

We’re now offering the Amazon Giant as an add-on option to any of our trips!   

This big arapaima was caught on a small, live catfish.

For twenty years, our clients have been asking us to provide them with an opportunity to fish for giant arapaima on our Amazon fishing trips. For twenty years we’ve searched for a way to do so that also included actually encountering and catching them! Until now, we’ve never managed to find a way that’s legitimately sporting enough for us to offer it to our clientele as an Acute Angling product. Sure, you could see the occasional TV fishing star catching hand-fed fish in enclosed fish farms, but never actual wild fish in an actual natural environment.

     Finally, we’ve found an exclusive, wild, fishery that will put you in the middle of good numbers of honking big arapaima (up to the 185 pound giant pictured here) that are accessible on rod and reel … you’ll see them rolling all around you!  Actually landing one of these beasts, of course, is then up to you.

     We are pleased to provide this extraordinary experience as a convenient, easy add-on to any of our regularly scheduled trips. Simply arrive a few days earlier or leave a few days after your  regular Acute Angling trip and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll collect you from the Tropical hotel and transfer you via air-conditioned vehicle and speedboat to a chain of four protected lakes on an otherwise inaccessible floodplain lake in the Amazon mainstem. You’ll fish from a stable boat with one of our expert Acute Angling guides. Bring your own gear or use ours. You’ll have a greater chance for a true wild arapaima than we’ve ever been able to find anywhere before!

The “Arapaima Option” can be added on to any Acute Angling trip from September through January. These fish disperse into the Amazon’s main stem when the waters rise and overflow the lakes, but return each year with dropping water to feed, nest and guard their offspring in the rich lake environment.  Please note, that this option is only available as an add-on to anglers already booked on an existing Acute Angling trip. 

     You’ve already done the difficult stuff, getting a visa and coming to Brazil.  Spend a bit of extra time and add yet another unique fishing experience to an already awesome trip. Trips include transportation to and from the fishery and comfortable accommodations.

One day package - $1150 USD

Two day package - $1650 USD

Three day package - $2150 USD

     Call us at 866 832-2987 to find out more or to arrange for your “Arapaima Option”.

The Cajun folks in Louisiana call auspicious extras like this “lagniappe”.
We call this extra “Giant Pirarucu - Don‘t Miss the opportunity”!



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