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Economy Peacock Bass Trip

High Quality Amazon Fishing - Exciting Variety - Bargain Price!

Cichla pinima - peacock bass
A nice Rio Pirinima peacock bass

We price our trips according to what they actually cost to operate. We don’t arbitrarily set high prices simply because we can — our prices accurately reflect our costs. As a result, we are able to deliver an awesome, floatplane-accessed Amazon adventure at a bargain price that others wouldn’t consider offering.

Acute Angling provides high quality amenities on all of its trips. Air-conditioned cabins, private bathrooms, separate en-suite showers and comfortable beds; excellent meals, fine wines and a full variety of domestic liquors — with an always-open, always-free, bar. Our economy Rio Piranima trip is no exception. In fact it operates in the exact same fly-in floating bungalow camp as our later season trips at just 65% of the price. More incredibly yet, it costs less than half the price of a competitor’s similarly structured package (they charge $7600 USD)!

Peacock Bass Fishing kayak
Huge Aruana roam the Rio Piranima

Why so economical? The nature and location of this fishery allows us to save on our logistical costs and we simply pass the savings on to you. With precisely the same level of comfort as higher priced trips and an interesting blend of fierce fishes, this is truly the best value in  the Amazon. 

You’ll experience, a remote, exotic fishery in the heart of the planet’s most primeval wilderness for less than the cost of puttering around after Florida’s little-bitty butterfly peacocks in the shadow of Miami’s airport. And you get oh so much more! The peacocks here (Cichla pinima - the same species found in Brazil’s Rio Marmelos) are much bigger than Florida’s (up to 17 pounds) with excellent numbers (20 to 40 per day is typical). This fishery pleases with its species richness too. It yields three giant catfish species (redtails to 100 lbs., sorubim to 30 lbs. and filhote to well over 100 lbs.) ... and some of the biggest aruana we’ve ever seen. And to add a bit of sauce on top of this casserole, the Rio Piranima also holds apapa, the Amazon’s biggest sardines. Ever catch a violent, top-water-blasting SARDINE? Probably not, unless you’ve explored the Amazon. Nowhere else can you find a mix of exotic creatures like this.

Cichla pinima - peacock bass
Apapa — The golden sardine of the Amazon is an aerial acrobat and can reach sizes over 15 pounds

Want even more for your $3250!  Enjoy the comfort, convenience and security of our mobile floating bungalows; a refined trip mechanism that normally sells for $4950!  Enjoy excellent meals, private bathrooms, hot showers and air-conditioning. Experience the exclusivity of floatplane access and the excitement of casting to virgin waters with the Amazon’s foremost fishing experts.  Our 4 scheduled weeks will fill rapidly at this incredible price … Call now and enjoy a bucket list trip without having to win the lottery!


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