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Seminars about the Amazon, the fish and fishing techniques are available on many of our trips.

Sure, everybody’s website probably claims that they're the best and they go the extra mile and all the rest of the marketing buzzwords we expect. Of course, we feel that way about our product as well. But we go beyond lip service! We actually do provide extra services, unique options and exclusive opportunities to our clients. Some extras, like our attention to detail, our pre-trip services, our single layer of responsibility and our remarkably fair and just terms and conditions are not so visible until you examine them carefully and compare us with others. Some are part of our extensive, turn-key preparatory services and are simply included from the moment you sign up for a trip. Some, are available as part of our trips, like catfishing, indigenous village visits, jungle hikes, seminars, shore lunches, spotlighting adventures and Brazilian barbeques and more. But, some of our extras and options are seen, felt and experienced separately, so we've outlined a few of them for your information in this section. Simply click on the options in the menu to the left to learn more about them.

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