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Who are we? We are a team of experts who can provide all of the information, services and support to ensure that you successfully realize the fishing trip of a lifetime. Working on two continents we manage and coordinate a team of 32 professional guides, chefs, mechanics and housekeeping staff. Here's our roster of partners and managers;

Paul Reiss
Paul Reiss - Founder and President

Paul Reiss, PhD. -  Principle Partner - is the founder and president of Acute Angling. After a successful conventional entrepreneurial career in the clinical laboratory and medical device business, he fulfilled a lifelong nature lover’s dream by founding a business that allows him and the anglers he takes along, to explore the world’s vastest wilderness, pursuing its fiercest sportfish and observing firsthand the amazing aquatic life of the Amazon.  With two decades of field experience, three fluent languages and a PhD in Neotropical Ichthyology under his belt, Paul is probably the world’s foremost expert on Cichla temensis, the giant Amazon peacock bass. For nearly two decades, his company has been focused on finding and accessing pristine waters for peacock bass and other fierce Amazon sportfish.  There is no one better qualified to answer your Amazon fishing questions and to tell you everything you need to know about peacock bass fishing in Brazil.

Garry Reiss
Garry Reiss - Partner

Garry Reiss - Partner - An accountant by trade and former general manager of an independent mid-size company, Garry has the administrative acumen and experience to make sure that all of Acute Angling's complex scheduling, service responsibilities and business functions mesh into a seamless whole. Always available in our U.S. office, he is also the person who implement's every facet of your pre-trip planning and coordination. As Acute Angling's General Manager, Garry is the person to call with all of your administrative questions, requests, special needs and special planning.

Norberto Guedes Amazon Pellona
Norberto Guedes - Partner

Norberto Guedes - Partner - a former shipbuilder, Amazon lumber expert and fishing camp manager, Norberto is responsible for the overall management and day-to-day operation of the Blackwater Explorer yacht. Well versed in the Amazon's network of rivers and routes, he coordinates supply delivery, staffing and maintenance of our Amazon mothership operation, keeping it always working smoothly.

Wellington Melo peacock bass
Wellington Melo - Partner

Wellington Melo - Partner - a former commercial airplane pilot, Florida sportfishing guide and Brazilian government policy imlementer, Wellington is our chief negotiator with Indigenous peoples and the corresponding responsible government agencies. He constantly searches for new fishing opportunities and is the primary planner and implementer of our exploratory trips into new waters. Responsible for the day-to-day management, supply and staffing of our floating bungalow, variety species lodge and exploratory safari camps, Wellington is also the popular, bilingual camp host in both of these operations.

Daylla Guedes
Daylla Guedes - Manager

Daylla Guedes - Manager - An attorney by training and currently practicing part-time, Daylla is our bilingual "boots on the ground" in Brazil. She is our legal representative, ensuring that all of our documents, permits and licenses are properly in place. She also spearheads the process of obtaining the permissions we need to operate in the wide range of fisheries we visit. Finally, Daylla is responsible for coordinating all of our complex logistics. Floatplanes, charters, transfers and hotels all come within her purvue. Under her supervision, our logistics routinely fall flawlessly into place.

Maria Marta Alvarez - Travel Specialist - Well-versed in the schedules of both U.S. and South American airlines, Maria is the go-to person to arrange all aspects of your travel. As our representative with Dumonde Travel, Maria knows our schedule and knows precisely when you need to be where in order to coordinate properly with your fishing trip. Your travel, when booked through Maria can also be modified by her, even while you are travelling. This is often an important consideration when charters are affected by untoward weather. Maria can have your connections rescheduled and in place even before you arrive at the airport. She is also available to extend your trip with additional travel to Brazil's tourist destinations. Want to spend a few days in Rio, visit Florianopolis or see Iguassu falls; Maria can arrange it all to fit seamlessly into your schedule.

And an entire team of polished professionals - It takes more than just a bunch of managers to make an operation like this function smoothly. Our team of dedicated staff includes Barbara Francisca, the popular bilingual, live-aboard host of our Blackwater Explorer trips; Brahma and Steve, our savvy, bilingual transfer agents, always there to pick you up on arrival and deliver you to each of the stops along the path of your fishing adventure; Marizete Guedes, who produces the most incredible food imaginable in the middle of the world's most remote rainforest; Tomas and Toin, both mechanics par excellance, who keep our generators running, our air-conditioners cooling and our motors humming in each of our operations. Along with our expert guides and hard-working support personnel, they put the polish on our fine-tuned Amazon operations.

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