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Types of operations - Anglers may often select a type of peacock bass fishing trip based on what they perceive to be the levels of comfort associated with it. This is a reasonable perception and there are in fact significant differences in accommodations as a result of the logistical characteristics of each type. Trip operators, on the other hand, use each type of operation according to the region or fishery to be accessed.  For the trip’s operator, it’s a matter of selecting the right tool for the job.  For the angler, there is no wrong choice, just a different type of great experience.

Blackwater Exlorer - peacock bass mothership
The "Blackwater Explorer" is among the most attractive yachts sailing the Amazon basin. Her classic and graceful "Amazonian Regional" design blends perfectly with the pristine blackwater habitat she calls home.

Mothership operations - The great majority of giant peacock bass fisheries are in the eminently navigable lowlands rivers of Amazonia.  Mothership operations are the best tool here due to their great mobility and high level of comfort, even luxury.  Living aboard an elegant, air-conditioned yacht while fishing remote Amazon backwaters in nimble skiffs offers anglers the best of both worlds. Water levels and fishing conditions often change on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis in the Amazon. Our Blackwater Explorer yacht can readily keep anglers in the most productive water even in the face of sudden, changing conditions.  Its great mobility allows it to literally change river systems overnight.

This is the recommended trip type for a first-time peacock bass angler due to its ability to consistently deliver highly productive trips. Here, you can catch dozens of spectacular peacocks in pristine jungle waters during the day, yet enjoy an ice-cold cocktail with fancy appetizers during a sunset cruise in the evening. This is the Swiss Army knife of Amazon trips.

peacock bass fly in floating camp
Our floating bungalow camp can find its way to the farthest reaches of untouched, pristine, floodplain fisheries.

Floating bungalows –   We use our specialized floating bungalows as a mechanism to allow us to reach locations where navigation is more difficult, while still offering great comfort and security.  Although, they share many of the same amenities as a mothership, such as private bathrooms, hot showers and air-conditioning, they are far more physically in contact with the jungle itself. And, although the floating units allow the entire camp to readily move within the Amazon's more inaccessible rivers, they cannot move quickly from river to river.

So why use them?  Because their shallow draft can put us into otherwise unattainable fisheries where some of the Amazon’s biggest peacocks have never seen a lure.  Once properly deployed on a productive river, they can move as much as 35 miles a day following the best conditions while simultaneously providing anglers with consistently fresh, fish-filled waters. The end result is a trip with a somewhat higher productivity risk, but a potentially greater reward. This is for the angler who’s been here before and wants to go where others don’t in pursuit of his own holy grail. This is the fine-tuned specialty tool of Amazon fishing.

Amazon exotic variety species safari fishing camp
Our new variety species fishing lodge replaces our original safari-style camp on Picapau island in the middle of the Rio Travessao. Comfortable and  roomy, it’s a relaxing home away from home in the midst of the deepest Amazon jungle.

Ground Based Lodge - When navigation of any kind is not an option, floatplane accessed camps and lodges are the only answer. Our new Multi-species variety lodge on the Rio Travessao is a specialized fishing tool designed to gain access to this fast-moving highlands river that holds a cornucopia of the Amazon's amazing, exotic variety species. A Cessna Caravan floatplane flies you over the obstacles and brings you there in total comfort and safety. Our mission, however, goes beyond simply getting there; We've designed and outfitted our lodge to meet the challenge of providing a surprisingly comfortable, civilized and secure base of operations from which our anglers can pursue the Amazon's rarest and most exotic fishes in otherwise totally inaccessible waters. Your job here is to eat, drink, sleep and fish!


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