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A Guide to Selecting an Amazon Trip

What you need to know to make an informed decison about the right trip for you ... and whom to book it with

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A Trophy 26 Pound Peacock Bass caught on an Acute Angling Amazon fishing trip.
See what our clients have to say about our exciting fishing trips and the quality of our Amazon operations.

Of course we think you should just simply call up and book with us! If we didn't believe we were the best in the business, we'd probably have no business being in it at all. Nonetheless, booking the fishing trip of a lifetime shouldn't be done rashly. There are a lot of ways to take your trip and there are a lot of operations to do it with. How can you sort through all the options? The short answer is to "do your homework"! Learn about how these trips work and learn about the operations that provide them. Learn about how they are sold. We believe that the more you know, the simpler the choices become. In an effort to help you gain the information you need, we are pleased to provide a detailed description of how Amazon peacock bass and exotic species fishing trips work, who operates them and who sells them, our own particular operating philosophy and a series of client comments and testimonials about the nature of our operations - along with a full list of references you can contact directly.

Another huge, 24 pound peacock bass.
Another huge, 24 pound peacock bass.

In fishing, knowledge is power! We firmly believe that the more information you have and the more you know, the more likely you are to choose Acute Angling.

Take advantage of the wealth of information offered here. Learn what you need to know to make an informed decision. You deserve to get your money's worth and have your expectations met. We hope you'll decide to fish with us, but whatever you ultimately select, we hope you have a wonderful trip! There are no freshwater fishes anywhere in the world that compare with the amazing fierce fishes of the Amazon!

Let Acute Angling take you on the fishing trip of a lifetime!