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peacock bass fishing boat
Our New Welded Aluminum Peacock Bass Fishing Boats (Click to Enlarge)

Because we fish where others won't go, we need gear that can handle just about anything. Our new, welded aluminum boats were designed and built specifically for us. They navigate efficiently in water ranging from rock-strewn rapids to placid lowlands backwaters while providing a stable fishing platform, a long reach for rapids and a hydrodynamic form. Back-saving seats and a combination V-hull with flat stern gives us total flexibility.

Fishing within protected waters has created a unique social contract between Acute Angling and the tribal communities with which we cooperate. Our guide staff is made up of young men from the native communities. They learn a trade that will serve them well in the future while we benefit from their intimate knowledge of the waters and intuitive understanding of the fishes, literally in their backyards.

Amazon peacock bass fishing trip guide - Dennis
Dennis - Bare Tribe
Amazon peacock bass fishing trip guide - Chikinho
Chikinho -Tucano Tribe
Amazon peacock bass fishing trip guide - Francisco
Francisco - Bare Tribe
Amazon peacock bass fishing trip guide - Ribamar
Ribamar - Bare Tribe

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