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Although we are not currently offering the trip described in this article, the stories remain available for your information and enjoyment.  We stop running certain trips for a variety of reasons.  In some cases the fisheries have been depleted, in others, the facilities have gone out of business and in a few, current governments have made travel less attractive.  The fish, however, always remain interesting, so why not read and learn about them and the fishing experience they provide.  Who knows, governments may change, conservation practices may improve and facilities may reopen.  We just might end up returning there, or someplace like it, in the future.  Call us for more information.

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Thanks for looking us up.  -  We're Paul Reiss, professional fishing guide, outdoor writer and explorer and Garry Reiss, trip organizer.   This site is designed to provide an informative and enjoyable resource for anglers interested in the taimen.  Check out our articles and information on these remarkable fish. We love to fish and we believe that anglers on guided trips should successfully catch fish.  We know where to go and when to catch Taimen in Mongolia.  Contact us through this site to discuss or arrange  the fishing trip of a lifetime.


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