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Gamefish of the Amazon Basin

Amazon Gamefish Encyclopedia: A compendium of scientific and angling information for the fisherman - to help you better understand your quarry.

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Forage Species

Anglers often learn much about the species they pursue by studying what they eat. Predator species typically base their movements, behavior and even life cycles on the habits of their prey. Although there are hundreds of species of baitfish throughout the basin, below are some of the most commonly found (and eaten) species…

Many of these can be recognized as common aquarium species.

Fast Water Species

These species prefer faster water and are typically found in rivers, creeks and igarapes..

Amazon fish species Bryconinae preyed on by peacock bass
(Bryconinae sp.)
Amazon peacock bass forage species Myleinae
Myleinae sp.
Amazon bait species Myleinae eaten by peacock bass
Myleinae sp.
Semaprochilodus, hunted by Amazon peacock bass
Semaprochilodus kneri.
Amazon forage species Triportheus
(Triportheus sp.)
Triportheinae hunted by Amazon peacock bass
Triportheinae sp.
peacock bass prey species Lycengraulis batesii
Lycengraulis batesii
Amazon peacock bass baitfish Moenkhausia
Moenkhausia sp

Still Water Species

These species prefer slower water and are typically found in lagoons and backwaters.

peacock bass forage species Mesonata Festivum
Mesonata Festivum
Amazon still water species Chichlidae, foraged by peacock bass
Chichlidae sp.
Amazon peacock bass baitfish species Chichlidae
Chichlidae sp.
Forage species Leporinus preyed on by Amazon peacock bass
peacock bass prey Leporinus, Amazon baitfish species
Leporinus Anastomidae, still water Amazon peacock bass forage
Leporinus - Anastomidae sp.
peacock bass forage species Hemiodidae
(Hemiodidae sp.)
Amazon baitfish species Chalceus macrolepidotus, eaten by peacock bass
Chalceus macrolepidotus

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