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Peacock Bass ID Guide

An Anglers Guide to the
Recognized Species of Peacock Bass

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'Royal Peacock'Cichla intermedia

Amazon Peacock Bass species Cichla intermedia
Cichla intermedia

Known as the "Royal" peacock by American anglers. Cichla intermedia is found only in the Orinoco drainage, reaching as far south as the Casiquiare,. Typically found in lotic (faster) water. Attains weights up to about 6 pounds.

ID Key: Has up to 8 dark bars along the body. Mid-body has a long dark stripe.

Identification Keys
Bars and Markings Colors Size Key Characters Similar Species
Adults are marked uniquely with a row of irregular dark blotches and six or seven vertical bars along the side just below the lateral line. Adults have several small black blotches on gill covers. Light spots are on side are absent. Body olive on dorsum, shading to gold on sides. Abdomen white. Lower fins red. Dorsal fin bluish Juveniles: up to about 200mm
(8 inches)

Adults: from 200mm up to about 485mm (19 inches)
Depth to length ratio: approx. 26 - 31%

Lateral Line Scales: approx. 102
Although similarly elongate with some of its conspecifics, C. intermedia is quite uniquely marked among Cichla.
Angler's Summary
Known Range Behavior Notes Habitat Common Names IGFA records
Countries: Venezuela.

River Basins: Cinaruco, Casiquiare, Cataniapo, Siapa, and Caura drainages.
If you have information on Cichla intermedia behavior, please contact us; E-Mail Paul Reiss Primarily occupies lotic (fast water) environments in blackwater river systems. English:
Royal peacock bass

Local: Pavon Real.

Fishing Tactics

If you have fished for Cichla intermedia , please contact us - E-Mail Paul Reiss

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