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Recognized Species of Peacock Bass

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'Rio Jari Peacock'Cichla jariina

Amazon Peacock Bass species Cichla jariina
Cichla jariina

Cichla jariina is one of the newly described (2006) species of Cichla.

ID Key: Most similar to the temensis-like group (clade), including C. temensis, C. pinima, C. thyrorus, and C. vazzoleri. Preserved specimens show the opercular (cheek) markings, similar to C. temensis. A dark horizontal band extends from the eye (including the opercular markings) to the base of the tail. The three dark vertical bars are represented by rows of black blotches with light spots lining the margins. Several morphometric and meristic (countable) characters distinguish it from the rest of the temensis-like group.

Identification Keys
Bars and Markings Colors Size Key Characters Similar Species
Large ocellated blotches replace vertical bars in adults. Blotchy cheek markings present. Greenish/gold head and lower torso, shading to gold mid-body and olive dorsally. Upper fins dark, lower fins bluish. Belly white. It is not known if these colors represent breeding colors, although the specimen pictured appears to be an adult male. Juveniles:

Depth to length ratio: approx. 27%

Lateral Line Scales: approx. 104
Most similar to
C. pinima
C. temensis
C. thyrorus
C. vazzoleri
Angler's Summary
Known Range Behavior Notes Habitat Common Names IGFA records
Countries: Brazil.

River Basins: Currently all known specimens have been collected only from the Rio Jari.
They are found both above and below a major, apparently impassable, waterfall, indicating that this is not a barrier to C. jariina Both high gradient and lowland regions of the Rio Jari English:
Rio Jari peacock

Local: Named by Kullander and Ferreira (2006), with reference to its locality.

Fishing Tactics

Stuart Willis caught C. jariina near the Reserva Estraitavista at the Iratapuru River above the waterfalls on the Jari. He found no particular pattern regarding where they were located other than among structure. The Jari is pretty rocky, and much of the structure was rocks, but they seemed common among submerged branches as well. Stuart only fished in the channel. He caught them on weedless spoons.

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