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Amazon Exotic Species

A guide to the exotic fish species
encountered on our Amazon fishing trips

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Exploring the Amazon

A trairao, an Amazon exotic gamefish species
Looking into the Jaws of an Amazon Trairao (wolfish)

Acute Angling has long focused on the exploration of new waters. Some of the most exciting waters we've found have their origin in Brazil's Guyana Shield highlands. Coursing down through ancient, weather-softened mountain ranges, they contain populations of some of the fiercest fishes on the planet. We've sampled many of them and we've found our favorites.

The upper Travessão River, isolated by impassable waterfalls below and within a protected Indian reservation above, had long beckoned us as a potentially outstanding variety fishery. Today, we operate full scale fishing trips within its most interesting and varied sections.

Amazon exotic fish species bicuda
Bicuda can grow up to 3 feet long.

The Travessão's isolated waters hold a true potpourri of Amazon species. Big, ugly trairão (wolfish) up to almost 40 pounds, bicuda over 3 feet long, hieroglyphic patterned sorubim and the biggest black piranha we've ever seen haunt the narrow upper reaches, while the wider central section holds peacock bass in the shallows and trophy payara in the quick running rocky areas. Deep holes harbor a contingent of giant Amazon catfish.

We periodically operate exploratory trips to other high-gradient rivers, as well. We've already explored several of Brazil's eastern Guyana Shield rivers. These majestic rivers hold payara, pirapitinga, bicuda, sorubim, jau, big pacu, peacock bass and more.

If you're not afraid of adventure and you're looking for some extreme fishing excitement, then join us on the wild and isolated Travessão or one of our amazingy exploratory voyages and become among the first outsiders to experience these eerily beautiful lands.

A massive Pirapitinga caught on one of our exploratory trips
Another huge Pirapitinga.

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