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The Angler's Guide to Payara

A guide to the different species known as payara, their taxonomy, biology & how to catch them.

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You've got to love a face like this!

Where to catch: Rio Travessao Multi-Species trip

Payara catch
A nice Payara from our Multi-Species Variety trip on the Rio Travessao
Payara teeth
Payara teeth

The fantastic dentures of the payara are a remarkable adaptation evolved to help it catch big, quick baitfish in fast-water jungle rivers. These powerful predators congregate in swirling eddies and rushing currents below waterfalls and rapids in South America's tropical, high-gradient rivers. Using their great hunting speed and power, payara strike a bait with amazing force and immediately take-off on line peeling, breathtaking runs punctuated by wild, acrobatic leaps. Explore this website and learn about this remarkable game fish's characteristics, taxonomy, fishing traits and how to catch them. And then call us. We know where to go and when to catch world-class payara. Contact us through this site to discuss or arrange the fishing trip of a lifetime.

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Huge Payara
A Huge Payara caught on a fly
  • The different species known as payara
  • Their taxonomy and biology
  • How to catch them
  • And how to arrange the fishing trip of a lifetime!

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