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The Angler's Guide to Payara

A guide to the different species known as payara, their taxonomy, biology & how to catch them.

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PayaraHydrolycus scomberoides—(Cuvier, 1816)

Hydrolycus scomberoides
Hydrolycus scomberoides

Hydrolycus scomberoides, is readily distinguished from its congeners by 3 features. It possesses serrations on the exposed portion of its scales; It has a small black spot on the base of the innermost pectoral fin ray; The base of the pelvic fin is dorsal of the ventral profile of the body.

ID Key: Silvery, elongate body. Unique black spot on pectoral fin base.

Identification Keys
Bars and Markings Colors Size Key Characters Similar Species
Black spot on pectoral fin base. Dark blotch above pectoral fin. Adipose fin with dark pigmentation. Mostly silvery, darker dorsally, with dark pigmentation on anal and caudal fins. Adults: Museum specimens up to 300mm Black spot on pectoral fin.
93-106 lateral
line scales
Hydrolycus armatus
Angler's Summary
Known Range Behavior Notes Habitat Common Names IGFA records
Countries: Brazil, Peru, , Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela.

River Basins: Amazon, above Tapajos and Rio Apure drainages.
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Fishing Tactics

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