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Angler's Guide to Amazon Catfish

A central knowledge base about the catfish species encountered in our Amazon fishing trips

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DouradoBrachyplatystoma rousseauxii—Castelnau, 1855

Dourado catfish
Dourado catfish

The dourado or gilded catfish is an open-water predator. Highly desired as a food fish, it is pursued and harvested by netters in the main-stem of the Amazon River.

ID Key: Golden in color with deeply forked tail.

Identification Keys
Bars and Markings Colors Size Key Characters Similar Species
Dark bands dorsally. Golden yellow in color. Adults: Known to reach over 1.5 meters and over 100 pounds. Deeply Forked tail
Golden color short barbels


Angler's Summary
Known Range Behavior Notes Habitat Common Names IGFA records
Countries: Brazil, Peru, Colombia, French Guiana, Ecuador, Venezuela.

River Basins: Amazon, Orinoco and French Guiana river drainages
Known to spawn when current flow is at a minimum Found in Amazon basin locations with medium to strong current flow. English: Gilded catfish

Local: Dourado
85 lb. 8 oz.
Amazon river 1986
Gilberto Fernandes

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