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Angler's Guide to Amazon Catfish

A central knowledge base about the catfish species encountered in our Amazon fishing trips

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JundiaLeiarius marmoratus—Gill, 1870

Jundira - Amazon Catfish

The jundira is not an Amazon giant, however it's a very attractive target for anglers because of its accessibilty and excellent fighting characteristics. As an added bonus, these prolific cats are among the Amazon's most delicious catfish.

Where to catch: Rio Travessao Multi-Species trip

ID Key: has up to 8 dark bars along the body. Mid-body has a long dark stripe.

Identification Keys
Bars and Markings Colors Size Key Characters Similar Species
Marbled upper body. Olive to brown, outlined with gold. Body olive on dorsum, with gold-edged marbling on sides. Abdomen shading to white. Fins reddish, echoing body patterning Adults: said to reach almost 2/3 of a meter in length    
Angler's Summary
Known Range Behavior Notes Habitat Common Names IGFA records
Countries: Brazil, Peru, Bilivia, Columbia, Venezuela.

River Basins: Amazon and Orinoco drainages
Appears to forage in structure-rich edges of river eddies or beaches near deep holes. Primarily occupies lotic (moving water) environments in high gradient river systems. English: Sailfin Pimeloid.
Leopard catfish
Brazil: Jundia, Jundira

Other: Ashara.
28.5 pounds, caught by Russell Jensen of Bronx, NY on an Acute Angling trip.

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