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Giant Amazon Peacock Bass

Write your own fishing story! Acute Angling specializes in peacock bass, payara, wolfish, giant catfish and other exotic species throughout the Brazilian Amazon. With over two decades of experience, our expertise will help you plan and book the trip best suited to your needs and expectations. From our rustic lodge, to our elegant yacht or our fly-in floating bungalows, all of our operations provide the ultimate in Amazon comfort. Fully air-conditioned accommodations, with private bathrooms, hot showers and gourmet food in all of our regularly scheduled Amazon adventures provide the ultimate in fishing productivity with comfort and service beyond expectation. Added to our periodically planned exploratory trips to wild rivers with rough camping, we've got it all! Call us or email us to get started on planning your fishing trip of a lifetime.


Trips From the Past

Fly fishing

Although we no longer offer the trips described in these articles, the stories remain available for your information and enjoyment. We've stopped running these trips for a variety of reasons. In some cases, the fisheries have been depleted, in others, the facilities have gone out of business and in a few, current governments have made travel less attractive. The fish, however, always remain interesting, so why not read and learn about them and the fishing experience they provide. Who knows, governments may change, conservation practices may improve and facilities may reopen. We just might end up returning there, or someplace like it, in the future.