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We mourn the loss of the Blackwater Explorer’s team Captain

Reginaldo Magalhães Memorial Education Fund

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Reginaldo Magalhães
Reginaldo Magalhães

Reginaldo Magalhães, a single parent, lost his life in a boating collision before dawn on Friday, February 19th 2016 on the Rio Negro, near Barcelos, Amazonas, Brazil. Eight year old Rayane Magalhães was left an orphan on that day. We, his friends and colleagues, mourn his loss and vow that we will not let Rayane disappear into oblivion with the loss of her beloved father. We have already pooled our resources to arrange for her ongoing support with her grandmother, but we want more for her, We want to give her the future that Reginaldo was working for - we want her to be able to get a real education that will ensure her future as an adult.

Rayane's beloved father and our grieved-for friend would be honored, as are we by the out-pouring of support and care that all who knew him have been providing.

Many of our fishing clients and friends of Acute Angling have asked how they can help in this sorrowful time, and this is how: Help us help Rayane go to college. We have set up a crowd funding website with the goal of raising enough money to set up a college fund for Reginaldo's orphaned daughter. Please help however you can by donating and sharing. Acute Angling, the Reiss family, the Guedes family and the entire Blackwater Explorer staff thank you for helping us preserve Reginaldo's memory by investing in Rayane's future. Please click here to contribute.

Rayane Magalhães
Rayane Magalhães
Please Click here to contribute toward our goal of raising enough money to set up a college fund for Reginaldo's orphaned daughter.

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