About Acute Angling

About Us

For over two decades, Acute Angling's primary goal has been to provide anglers with the fishing trip of a lifetime. We have accomplished this through hard work, innovation, an unwavering commitment to quality, and most of all ... an unending quest for knowledge. We've explored the most remote corners of the Amazon, the wildest waters and the deepest jungles to better understand the fisheries we offer our anglers. We've studied the fish, the ecosystem and the limnological character of the region. We've moved to the forefront of Amazon scientific research. Today, we can comfortably say that there is no source of Amazon sportfishing expertise greater than that offered by Acute Angling. Knowledge is power, and it's this degree of knowledge that gives us the power to consistently succeed in such a remote and complex environment.

Our commitment to our mission continues to drive all of our efforts in the Amazon. Throughout our long learning process, we have added to, changed, or eliminated various aspects of our trip's many complex elements in order to evolve the most efficient, productive and comfortable fishing experience possible. The result of our efforts is an unparalleled record for outstanding catches, both in terms of size and numbers. We don't intend to sit on our laurels, however. Acute Angling's primary goal continues to be to deliver the very best fishing the Amazon has to offer and to provide you with the fishing trip of a lifetime.

To this end, Acute Angling takes great pains to make certain that all aspects of your trip can be handled from one, central office. Air travel, travel documents, travel insurance, even the specialized tackle needed to catch these exotic species can all be provided as part of Acute Angling’s turn-key fishing packages. We make certain that everything's done right and nothing's left out. You pick the destination and you catch the fish, but we take care of all the details necessary to make certain you enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

An Acute Angling client displaying a trophy peacock bass


In addition to providing the finest fishing trips in the Amazon Basin and throughout the world, Acute Angling also provides these necessary travel services for its clients;

1. Air Travel Services
We can provide all of your air transportation needs. We are often able to provide pricing and availability better than published rates. Our travel specialist, Alexy Mesa, can handle all of your domestic and international travel arrangements.

2. Complete fishing tackle packages
We offer a unique, patented tackle service, designed to provide species and location specific gear, available through our affiliate; www.Tackle-box.net. You'll find all the specialized lures necessary for your trip, as well as complete, tackle packages.

3. Travel insurance
We provide travel insurance services through IMG Insurance and full extraction services via Global Rescue.

Acute Angling is a multi-level fishing trip provider

We are the owner, operator outfitter and organizer of all of our trips, providing four distinct trip types and a variety of exclusive, personally hosted, exotic fishing trips. We offer our trips directly to the angler, eliminating the usual layers of commission and providing you not only with the very best fishing trips, but also with the "best value in the Amazon".

Acute Angling is owned and operated by serious international anglers, for serious international anglers. We not only provide our unmatched fishing trips and travel services, but unlike our competition, we also host a wide variety of featured trips in exclusive locations, hosted by owner/angler Paul Reiss or fishing expert Wellington Melo along with our other expert English-speaking hosts. This type of hands-on advantage is not available through any booking agent, guide service or outfitter. Acute Angling strives to exceed your angling expectations. We'll go that extra mile to ensure that you choose a destination that best matches your particular interests and then deliver it in the highest-quality fashion possible. Perhaps we can fish together in the not-so-distant future…

We are the owner, operator outfitter and organizer of all of our trips

We own, operate, outfit, organize & host 4 regularly scheduled types of Amazon fishing trips as well as our unique exploratory trips.

Acute Angling specializes in a wide range of exclusive and unique Fishing Programs. We operate comfortable mothership based peacock bass trips on our Blackwater Explorer yacht; remote fly-in floating bungalow trips in peacock bass river headwaters, exciting multi-species variety safari camp trips in Brazil's Guyana Shield highlands; and our new luxurious flagship which provides access to the biggest of all peacocks on the river.

We are uniquely experienced and knowledgeable about Amazon exotic species, in particular, peacock bass, payara, giant catfish, wolfish, arapaima and the full range of exotic species found in high-gradient rivers. As hosts, we provide unparalleled on-site help with both conventional and fly fishing techniques, tackle and a whole range of extras that no absentee outfitter or ordinary fishing travel agency can provide.

When you fish with Acute Angling, you won't find yourself up some remote river without the proverbial paddle. With Acute Angling, you have a host who speaks your language and is dedicated to making your trip a success. Because of our commitment to optimizing the performance and logistics of our trips, they are routinely more productive than those of our competition. And, because of our complete vertical integration, they are surprisingly less expensive as well.

How do we make a difference?

To help you choose the specific trip that's right for you, we carefully measure the following considerations:

  • Optimal Angling Times - We Fish it Only When its Right - Virtually all destinations have a peak angling period. Knowing the pertinent seasonal idiosyncrasies of any location is an essential part of planning a successful fishing trip. We move our operations from region to region to follow the Amazon’s falling water cycle, putting us in the right places at the right times. Acute Angling considers every detail from seasonal weather patterns to pre-spawn periods in a particular region.
  • Specific Physical Conditions of Each Fishery - Spin and bait casters require unique conditions often quite different from those preferred by many fly casters. If you're a serious fly fishing angler we won't send you to a murky river with a low fish population. We appreciate your preferences and carefully match you with the right destination.
  • Fish Size vs. Sheer Numbers - Is individual fish size more important than sheer numbers or vice versa? If you are after trophy peacock bass, we will recommend only those destinations known for their big fish population. If you are after action and high numbers, one of our several exciting volume fisheries might be your best bet.
  • Incidental Species - Are you interested only in one species, or do you want the option of catching many different types of fish? Is your focus peacock bass or would you like to mix powerful payara with giant catfish. If you want diversity, consider one of our multi-species variety or exploratory trips. If you want to focus on one species, we'll help you choose a trip date and destination that has the best populations of this particular gamefish.

Unparalleled Pre-Trip Information, A One-of A Kind tackle Dealership, Attention to Detail, Someone Knowledgeable to Talk With…

Once you settle on a particular trip, you will be assigned an on-line client portal where you can complete all the required information on-line with our assistance, as needed. Documents will be provided to prepare you for you trip and what you need to bring.   You will be able to contract our travel agent from your portal to assist with your travel arrangements and your flights will be verified by us to make sure they are the correct ones for your trip.  Working with you, we will make sure that you arrive with all the right gear, from lures to clothing to sunglasses and are prepared for a trip meets all your expectations for the fishing trip of a lifetime.

Acute Angling will provide invaluable assistance regarding all pre-trip particulars