All-Inclusive Trips

All-Inclusive, Turn-key Trip Packages

When you select an Acute Angling All-Inclusive, Turn-key trip package, that means there will be absolutely no loose ends and no surprise costs! Every aspect of your fishing trip that is under our control is provided as part of our All-Inclusive package, with Turn-key delivery. Here are just a few of the items now included in our Amazon trips — at no extra cost!;

  • Exclusive! IMG trip cancellation insurance. Covers the full price of your Acute Angling trip — Value (if you had to buy it) = $295 or much more, depending on client age (limited to anglers up to 75 years of age).
  • Exclusive! Global Rescue Plan. - Complete jungle to home extraction — Value (if you had to buy it) = $119 for 1 week coverage (limited to anglers up to 75 years of age).
  • Exclusive! Use of all fishing tackle, rods, reels, line! — Value = other operations charge as much as $500. We provide high-end graphite rods and Shimano reels — at no charge.
  • Exclusive! Complete lure packages, alll the lures you’ll need are provided, on-site.  — Value = $125 and up.
  • Hotel stays, as specified by your standard fishing trip schedule.
  • In-country charter flights to and from the fishery.
  • All airport and hotel transfers.
  • Open bar, 24/7, in each of our accommodations.
  • A full suite of preparatory trip support services and pre-trip materials, provided as part of our thorough reservation package.
  • Daily laundry service
  • No Surprises.
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We provide all lures, high-end graphite rods and top-shelf Shimano reels, strung with PowerPro braid, for all of our anglers, at no charge.
We provide all in-country charter flights, to and from the fishery.
We provide all in-country charter flights, to and from the fishery.
Exclusive! Global Rescue Plan.
Exclusive! Global Rescue Plan.

Maybe a better way to look at this is to consider the very short list of what is out of our control and thus is not available as part of our All-Inclusive packages.

  • International airfare — Airline schedules and ticket prices are not influenced by anyone in the real world — but, we’ll get your flights for you at the best, commission-free, rates.
  • Passports and Visas (where required) — These are issued and charged for by their respective governments — but, our service will make obtaining your documents easy.
  • Tipping — You control this. It’s discretionary, but we’ll give you recommendations.
  • Extra-trip activities — you may choose to buy stuff (a beer in the airport, souvenirs along the way) or be involved in city tours, restaurant visits, or extra activities. We can arrange city-tours via Fontur Turismo. Our Manaus transfer assistant, concierge and client representative is always available to help.

Fishing with us is surprisingly simple with our all-inclusive package with turn-key delivery. Contact us for more information.