Pre-trip Information: The Trip

Our Mission Statement

For over two decades, Acute Angling has been operating fishing trips in Brazil, providing anglers with the opportunity to pursue giant peacock bass and Amazon exotics. We use four different operating systems to enable us to access the wide variety of Amazon fisheries; our mobile floating bungalows access remote headwaters, the elegant "Blackwater Explorer" yacht provides consistently productive peacock bass fishing in the central Amazon basin, and our rustic Picapau lodge provides optimal access to some of the most inaccessible waters in the Amazon Basin. Our brand-new Blackwater Adventurer explores the Amazon’s wildest frontiers.  Through a careful process of evolution we have created the most productive and comfortable fishing experience possible in each of our operations. Our number one priority is to bring our clients to the very best fishing the Amazon has to offer. In order to do this, we go as far into the interior as possible to get away from human intrusion. The end result is an unparalleled record for outstanding catches, in terms of both size and numbers. Isolation is in the angler's favor, but with it often come unique challenges from an operating and outfitting standpoint. The following guide is designed to detail the inner workings of tour operations. Our mission is strive to create the very best angling experience available in the Amazon basin.

peacock bass trip prepartion pays off
The key to a successful peacock bass fishing trip to the Amazon lies in
careful planning and preparation… and we do it all for you.
Your job?  Eat great food, relax in comfortable accommodations and catch beautiful, fierce Amazon fishes.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us, toll-free or E-mail us. Thanks for fishing with Acute Angling!

Paul Reiss: - (866) 832-2987 - E-Mail Paul Reiss
Garry Reiss: - (866) 431-1668 -E-Mail Garry Reiss

References are available upon request.

Travel Information

Peacock Bass fishermen require a Brazilian visa
Peacock Bass anglers traveling to Brazil need a valid passport

TRAVEL DOCUMENTS -- A valid passport is required for all air travel. Make sure your passport is current and does not expire within 6 months of your return date. Acute Angling can provide complete passport services via ItsEasy passport and visa service.

Brazil has no official blanket requirements regarding vaccinations for travelers entering directly from the U.S. with U.S. passports. Brazil does not have yellow fever and wishes to keep it out.  Therefore, travelers arriving from, or having recently visited, countries with yellow fever may be asked to present documentation of yellow fever vaccination. If you are traveling with our standard arrangements, nothing is  required. 

International Travel; FLIGHT INFORMATION: As part of our full service, “Turn-key” package, Acute Angling’s travel representative will be happy to handle all of your international and U.S. domestic flight reservations. This provides the important advantage of allowing us to change flights and connections in the event of unforeseen issues or weather when traveling. Of course, you are always welcome to use your favorite travel agency or book your flights with airline miles if you prefer.

CHARTER FLIGHTS - All of our trips are in remote locations and include a charter flight to the fishery. We are committed to safety and to accommodate all Civil Aviation rules;

BAGGAGE: There are weight restrictions in effect on all charter aircraft. In order to help our anglers accommodate all guidelines and regulations, we’ve taken every step we can to reduce the amount of baggage you need to bring

TACKLEYou don’t need to bring any! Each of our Amazon operations provides a full suite of high quality rods and reels and lures, perfectly suited to the fishing requirements in our varied fisheries. It is not necessary for you to bring any fishing tackle. Of course, you are always welcome to bring your secret weapon or personal fly rod, keeping in mind the need to travel light.

CLOTHING — All of our operations have daily laundry service — so you can travel light. Three changes of clothing is enough. For traveling and fishing, we recommend wearing loose fitting, lightweight, light-colored cottons or synthetics (Tarpon Wear, Patagonia etc...). Anglers will always want their personal items, of course, so our “Client Portal” provides detailed information on precisely how to pack.

Sample Itineraries

Acute Angling is focused on making your travel arrangements as comfortable and practical as possible. With that in mind, we provide you with a “turn-key” travel package. We’ll organize flights, provide document services, and even arrange extra touring destinations if you wish.  Our “All-inclusive” packages include complete trip insurance and a Global Rescue subscription for all eligible anglers. In concert with our dedicated travel representative, we are experts at managing the vagaries of airline travel, hotel reservations, transfers and charters.

Have you tried to make sense of the wildly gyrating airline industry lately? Routes and schedules change as fast as airline policies and procedures. As a result, optimizing travel to any destination is a constant challenge. Acute Angling plans standard itineraries and can reserve travel arrangements for each angler on all of our scheduled trips.

Amazon floodplain
Amazon floodplain

We'll take care of the details and make sure you have a comfortable and practical itinerary without the hassle of dealing with the airlines. You can stay focused on landing big, aggressive, tackle-busting peacock bass on your fishing trip of a lifetime.

Need something different? We'll work with you to help you arrange it. Making a side-trip? We can arrange the connections. Using airline miles? Simply let us know - our personal “Client Portal” will provide verification of your precise itinerary specifications, so there’s never a mistake.

Below is a typical itinerary for Acute Angling's Brazil peacock bass trips:

(Please note - this itineraries is based on current American Airlines schedules and can vary due to airline scheduling changes. If other airlines are selected, travel day itineraries will be different. This itinerary is a generalized example. Some of our trips may have certain variations.)

Sample Itinerary - American Airlines Schedule
Departure Depart Miami via International flight, about 6:00 PM. Arrive in Manaus, Brazil, around 11:00 PM in the evening. After clearing customs you are met by our guide and transfer agent and transferred to our home base hotel, where you will overnight.  Note - Since our charter flight transferring you to our fishing operation generally occurs early AM,  your international flight must be flight one day before the date published as the trip date.
Travel Day & Day 1 In the morning, you are transferred to the domestic airport for a charter flight to the fishery. Arrive in time to settle in and relax, have a quick lunch and head out for a half day of fishing.
Day 2
Through Day 7
Six full days of fishing. Your angling day begins with a 5:30 AM wake-up call followed by breakfast at 6:00 AM. Your guide will be ready to depart at first light, although you can remain in camp at your leisure. Relax for an hour at lunchtime each day. Return to camp before dusk for appetizers, drinks and bragging, followed by a delicious dinner. Jungle hikes, spotlighting trips and catfishing can be arranged.
Travel Day Early, AM, take charter flight back to Manaus, arriving late morning. You will be provided with a day room at our home base hotel. You will have a day and evening in Manaus for relaxing by the pool - or to book a city tour, go sightseeing, shop and enjoy great Brazilian restaurants. Late evening, transfer to airport. Depart Manaus via International flight for home around midnight. Note that this day is the published trip end date and is the date you return to Manaus.  Your international flight, since it leaves around midnight, may be shown as the same date or the next date depending on the precise time before or after midnight.

Getting to the Fishery

Accessing peacock bass via floatplane
We access remote Amazon peacock bass fishing locations via Cessna Caravan floatplanes.

Acute Angling is dedicated to providing the most productive fishing trips possible. This means remote locations, far from population centers and most often quite inaccessible. Since there are no road networks in the Amazon lowlands, getting there requires aircraft. Our various trip destinations and operating mechanisms require either floatplanes or twin-engine wheeled aircraft.

Blackwater Explorer Yacht Trips - Travelers on our yacht trips will be transferred by van to the domestic airport (in the same complex as the International airport) for a charter floatplane or twin-engine wheeled plane (depending on destination) to wherever the yacht is located. Upon landing, you and your baggage will be transported directly to the Blackwater Explorer yacht, generally arriving before lunch.

Floating Bungalow, Blackwater Adventurer and Multi-species Lodge Trips - Travelers on these trips will be transferred by van to the domestic general aviation airport for a charter floatplane flight on an 8-passenger Cessna Caravan, directly to the river on which you will be fishing. An afternoon fishing session on the day of arrival is usually possible (in addition to the 6 scheduled days), if weather and flight schedules permit.

peacock bass fishing boat
We use purpose-built boats to access otherwise inaccessible peacock bass waters.

Boats - Many of the rivers we fish have certain similarities. We prefer to fish productive, shallow rivers that cannot normally be accessed by deeper drafting boats or other operations. We want to exclude both the subsistence fishermen and cookie-cutter sport fishing operations that tend to follow each other around. Our yacht trips are offered during periods that give us deep-water access to headwaters fisheries, yet generally remain mostly devoid of other craft, due to exclusivity agreements or simple access limitations. In order to get over the sand bars and shallows or through narrow entrance channels, that act as an effective barrier to most fishing boats (especially big, wide, fancy bass boats with hydraulic tilt), we use agile, shallow-drafting craft exclusively. Each of our operations uses specifically designed, purpose-built fishing boats, giving us access to the most isolated waters, where most others can’t go. All of our peacock bass fishing boats are equipped with electric trolling motors and Garmin ‘InReach’ satellite tracking and communicating devices. All boats have the necessary fishing tools and equipment and ample coolers to store drinks and lunches.

Meals and Camp Life

peacock bass trip - meals
All of our Peacock Bass Fishing Trips include
delicious meals, sumptuous and satisfying.

Our chefs provide restaurant quality meals throughout your stay. A breakfast buffet is typically served at 6:00 AM each morning. Pancakes, eggs the way you like them, toast, fresh fruit, bacon, cereal and fresh coffee are all standard fare. Lunch is typically prepared (box-style) by each angler in the morning before departing for fishing. This allows anglers to stay on the river the entire day, minimizing travel and maximizing fishing results. Appetizers and cocktails are offered immediately upon the angler’s return from the day’s fishing. Dinner is served around 6:30 PM. Typically, a selection from a mixture of Brazilian and ‘American’ foods enliven the evening’s dinner menu. Delicious soups begin the meal. Fresh fish, beef, and chicken are accompanied by an assortment of beans, rice, bread, salads and mixed vegetables. Dinner is always accompanied by fine wines. Desserts are a welcome finishing touch. Our trips provide an open bar with soft drinks, beer, wine and domestic liquors always available. Our experienced staff can handle any special dietary needs.

A FIRST-CLASS EXPERIENCE -- With fully air-conditioned accommodations, private bathrooms and hot showers in each of our accommodations, you’ll find more comfort and elegance than you could ever have expected in the world’s largest wilderness. But the biggest factor in our first-class trips is made by our exceptional staff.  They are highly experienced and carefully trained so that you can relax and enjoy the ambiance. Our staff is always at your service and you'll find them to be attentive, warm and helpful, with the single-minded goal of making every aspect of your trip exceed your expectations.

Health, Well-being and Insects

HEALTH -- Our groups often include anglers ranging in age from pre-teens to their eighties. The yachts, the lodge, the bungalows, the staff and the structure of all our operations are designed to make life comfortable and easy for all of our anglers, from the fittest to the more sedentary. All of the work of the camp is ably handled by our expert Brazilian staff. You are free to fish, eat, drink, relax and tell tall tales. Happily, the most serious problems we see are the occasional self-inflicted hook wounds. It is, however, still important that anglers understand that they are, in fact, deep in the Amazon jungle. For this reason, and since all of our camps are located in extremely remote areas, certain basic considerations should be kept in mind.

Contagious diseases - The areas you'll be fishing are virtually unpopulated, therefore water-born contagious diseases are not a threat. There are rare cases of light diarrhea due to the normal rigors of travel, but you can eat and drink with confidence in camp. Do not, however, drink the tap water in any hotel rooms or public areas!

INSECTS -- We have NO MOSQUITOES! The dry season in Amazonas provides a very benign environment. The areas we fish are completely devoid of mosquitos and most other biting insects. A common daytime outfit can be nothing more than a bathing suit and lots and lots of sunblock. The blackwater river channels and lagoons where we fish are too acidic to support mosquito reproduction.


Our operations all have short-wave radio contact with Manaus as well as satellite telephones. Phone contact is made routinely with Acute Angling's U.S. offices.

Acute Angling:
U.S. numbers - 866 431-1668 or 866 832-2987
International - 908 832-2988

Our Manaus Home Base Hotel: .+55 92-3306-0606

For emergency contacts, call Acute Angling.

Amazon Overview

The Amazon is a land of superlatives. Words like "biggest" (world's biggest river), "most" (most water contained) and "greatest" (greatest biodiversity) are what applies here. The basin contains over 1000 named tributaries with a drainage area of almost 3,000,000 square miles.

Amazon sunset
A beautiful Amazon sunset after a long, productive day of Peacock Bass fishing.

The Amazon basin contains an exceedingly diverse combination of specific niches within one gigantic river basin. Wildlife, insects, birds, fish and vegetation vary greatly depending upon soil type and proximity to fluctuating water levels. The Amazon's overall watershed encompasses 1/5 of all the world's fresh water. With over 3000 species of fish in the Amazon basin, it is home to the world’s greatest aquatic biodiversity. Depending on the area, there can be as many as a dozen different species that will take a fly or lure. The Amazon's wildlife, as rich as it is, tends to be somewhat shy and elusive. Although quite common, tapir, capybara, paca, jaguar, peccary and ocelot are all mostly nocturnal. Still, angler’s often catch glimpses of them (usually swimming across the river) in broad daylight. Monkeys are quite common, but they quickly scamper back into the canopy, so you’ll usually only see them momentarily. The bird life is much more cooperative. Macaws, parrots, parakeets, toucans, weaver birds, eagles, osprey, kingfishers, herons, jabiru storks, and a host of migratory species are a common sight throughout the fishing day. For more information see our Frequently Asked Questions section.

LANGUAGE -- Brazil is the only Latin American country where Portuguese is spoken as the native language. Grammatically, Portuguese is similar to Spanish, but the spoken language and word pronunciation is very distinct. Most of our staff is pretty competent in English and individuals fluent in Spanish can generally communicate quite well with a Brazilian native, easy conversation may not be perfect. All camps have a full-time bilingual camp host.

CURRENCY -- Brazilian hotels and most shops readily accept credit cards, so there's usually no need to exchange money. If you do wish to exchange money, we recommend you do so in the U.S. -- you'll get a much better exchange rate. 

OPEN BAR - All of our operations provide well-stocked, open bars, with Brazilian and international liquors, Brazilian beer, quality imported wines and soft drinks - at no charge. 

GUIDES -- Our guides  are hard working, highly competent individuals who aim to please. Anglers are amazed by the lengths to which they will go to help fishermen enjoy their trip. Don't be surprised to see your guide slip into the water to untangle a fish hung up in structure. They might not speak conversational English perfectly, but they are quite proficient at fishing English. They will help you select the right lures/flies and show you how to use them. The single best piece of fishing advice you will ever receive about peacock bass and the Amazon is - Follow your guide’s advice. They are experienced and know the fish and fishery extremely well.

GRATUITIES -- Gratuities are discretionary and not included. Just as with restaurant staff in the U.S., Brazilian employees receive a steady salary, however, tipping is also an important adjunct to the staff’s income. A guide's tip is based upon performance and is by no means obligatory -- but knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment can be rewarded accordingly.

WEATHER -- Tropical temperatures prevail in the Amazon with mid-day temperature ranging as high as 85 -105 F. You are on the equator, so please be mindful of exposure to the sun. At night, the temperature slowly drops to 70-75 F. Although you will be fishing during the dry season, there are occasional rain storms (you’re in the middle of the world’s largest rain forest), so please bring along a lightweight, packable rain suit (pants included).