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Ray Troll - Doctor Petry & the Mysterious Muckfish

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Ray Troll - Doctor Paulo Petry and the muckfish
Mysterious Muckfish
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The Amazon is home to a vast array of creatures above and below the river's surface; the diversity of fishes alone rivals that of any ocean, with over three thousand known species- and scientists are finding more species every year. Doctor Paulo Petry has explored and identified many new species in his forays through the Amazon. Dr. Petry is currently the Freshwater Specialist for The Nature Conservancy and is working to protect freshwater ecosystems in Central and South America. The lead scientist in Acute Angling's Projeto Pirandira, Dr. Petry inspired Ray Troll's vibrant payara research logo.

"Dr. Petry and the Mysterious Muckfish", colored pencil on paper, 8" x 10", 2005, © Ray Troll

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From his tree lined studio, high on a hill above the Tongass Narrows in rain-swept Ketchikan Alaska, Ray Troll draws & paints fishy images that migrate into museums, books and magazines and onto t-shirts sold around the planet. Basing his quirky, aquatic images on the latest scientific discoveries, Ray brings a street-smart sensibility to the worlds of ichthyology & paleontology.

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