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Brazil Highlands Trophies Photo Album

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Image 1: Many high gradient rivers hold huge pirapitinga, a powerful fighter and member of the Colossoma family.
Image 1
Image 2: The payara's impressive dentition is designed to capture and hold large baitfish, from 15% to almost 50% of it's own body length.
Image 2
Image 3: Huge black piranha are common in many of Brazil's highlands rivers.
Image 3
Image 4: Pirapitinga in Brazil's Guyana Shield highlands rivers can tip the scales at over 40 pounds.
Image 4
Image 5: Brazil's Highlands rivers hold huge  catfish, well into the 300 pound class, like this monstrous piraiba.
Image 5
Image 6: Brazil's Highlands rivers hold several varieties of giant catfish.
Image 6
Image 7: Big bicuda (boulengerella spp), attack swimming plugs aggressively, then start jumping wildly once the hook is set.
Image 7
Image 8: The highlands rivers have so much variety that even peacock bass are part of the fun.  This 4-lb. Cichla Ocellaris took a fly meant for a payara.
Image 8
Image 9: In spite of all the variety, big payara like this one are the sporting kings of the highlands rivers.
Image 9
Image 10: Jau catfish grow to immense sizes and dominate the slow running, deep holes in many highlands rivers.
Image 10
Image 11: Payara lurk near fast water, in riffles, rapids and tailraces.
Image 11
Image 12: Their sleek silver profile, powerful tail and oversized pectoral fins enable big payara to strip line at a jaw-dropping rate.
Image 12
Image 13: Pirapitinga possess broad shoulders and a deep body.  They use the current to augment their already impressive strength.
Image 13
Image 14: Big red-tailed cats, called
Image 14
Image 15: Big payara cause proud grins to appear on fishermen's faces.
Image 15

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