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Giant Catfish Photo Album

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Image 1: Our guides show off their muscles hoisting a 100+ pound jau catfish overhead. Notice the tag under the dorsal fin.
Image 1
Image 2: This baby piraiba catfish is called filhote, or youngster. We tag all of these fish as part of  Projeto Pirandira
Image 2
Image 3: Large jau cats roam the waters of Brazil's highlands rivers.
Image 3
Image 4: Russell Jensen weighed this 98 lb. jau catfish.  He later caught a 109 pound specimen to set the new IGFA world record.
Image 4
Image 5: This huge piraiba catfish was caught in a Brazilian Highlands river.
Image 5
Image 6: All captured fish are carefully released in quiet water, to ensure their safe recovery.
Image 6
Image 7: The jau's huge jaws enable them to
engulf prey ranging from live fish
Image 7
Image 8: A beautiful filhote.
Image 8
Image 9: A trophy jau.
Image 9
Image 10: It's hard to say who is holding whom in this photo.  Perhaps it's best to just consider it a catfish dance.
Image 10
Image 11: This jau catfish measured 1.55 meters and is estimated to have weighed around 150 pounds.  Big enough to be a record.
Image 11
Image 12: Highlands rivers give anglers the opportunity to pick on someone their own size.
Image 12
Image 13: The giant piraiba requires careful handling after a long fight.  Our guide gets in the water to tag and resuscitate the fish.
Image 13
Image 14: Jau catfish seem to recover more quickly when beached, rather than boated.
Image 14
Image 15: Another beautiful jau.
Image 15
Image 16: It takes a serious tape measure to properly collect data on a catfish this big.
Image 16

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