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Rio Travessao Variety Photo Album

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Image 1: This 295 pound piraiba catfish is a new world's record for the species and is the largest catfish ever caught on rod and reel.
Image 1
Image 3: Large black piranha abound on the Jatapo.  This 7.25 pound specimen caught by Russell Jensen of New York broke the world record.
Image 3
Image 2: Bicuda are aerial acrobats, rivaling the jumping prowess of tarpon and dorado.  They get very big here.
Image 2
Image 4: The Amazon Basin is home to a variety of adapted saltwater fish species, as a result of its paleohistorical past as a saltwater bay.  This big
Image 4
Image 6: Big, powerful and aggressive, trairao don't hesitate to crush almost any lure offer.  Zara Spooks proved to be irresistible on the Rio Travessão.
Image 6
Image 5: Although not a wild mountain river like the Urariquera, the Rio Travessão is full of shallow riffles and rocky dropoffs that make navigation difficult.
Image 5
Image 7: Trairao are far more nimble than one might expect by looking at their powerful, stocky bodies.  They leap acrobatically and fight violently.
Image 7
Image 8: Fishing an Acute Angling variety trip will wreak havoc on your tackle.  These lures are representative of the damage these toothy fishes can do.
Image 8
Image 9: One of the most pleasantly surprising aspects of an exploratory trip comes when you find trophy fish you didn't expect.  This beautiful payara (Hydrolycus armatus) is far bigger than the specimens we expected to find.
Image 9

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