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Mark Pecora: Mark Pecora caught this  Rio Xeriuini peacock on a huge walking plug during a trip to Macaroca Lodge.
Mark Pecora
Barbara Bunge: Barbara Bunge holds a beautiful Rio Urubaxi peacock.   This western tributary of the Rio Negro holds giant peacock bass .
Barbara Bunge
Steve Brody: Steve Brody shows off a trophy peacock caught in the black water lagoons of the Rio Unini on our Fly-in Safari Camp trip.
Steve Brody
Chip McCann: Chip McCann and his guide celebrate their success on the Rio Unini.  Chip joined us on one of our Fall Fly-in Safari Trips.
Chip McCann
Todd Feldman: Todd Feldman took this nice shot of the Amazon Angel yacht at night.  Todd and his brother Pete enjoyed the boat's comfort on our Fall Yacht trip.
Todd Feldman
Jim Micinilio: Jim Micinilio got up close and personal with this big peacock bass on the Rio Unini.  Jim traveled on  our Fall Fly-in Safari Trip.
Jim Micinilio
Paul Reiss: Paul Reiss (Acute Angling's host) landed this big hog in a tiny lagoon on the Rio Urubaxi during a winter Yacht trip.
Paul Reiss
Lee Mitchell: Lee Mitchell caught this huge peacock bass on the Rio Araca using a Peacock Bass Jig on our Fall Fly-in Safari Camp trips.
Lee Mitchell
Roy Pride: Roy Pride displays his trophy peacock bass.  Roy  mastered the the art of fishing big surface lures on our fall Fly-in Safari Trip.
Roy Pride
Erica Butters: Erica Butters needs help lifting this 20 pound Rio Xeriuini peacock, caught on our winter Lodge trip to Macaroca Lodge.
Erica Butters
Elaine Riedel: Elaine Riedel conquered this enormous red-tailed catfish (pirarara), on our Fall Fly-in Safari trip to the Rio Unini.
Elaine Riedel
Steve McCreary: Steve McCreary is smiling over his Rio Unini trophy.  This fish succumbed to Steve's lure on our Fall Fly-in Safari Trip.
Steve McCreary
Ron Kiley: Ron Kiley caught this beauty on a backwater of the Rio Matupiri on a Fall  Yacht trip.
Ron Kiley
Jeff Berzon: Jeff Berzon became a peacock bass fanatic after his succesful week on the black water lagoons of the Rio Unini on our Fly-in Safari Camp trip.
Jeff Berzon
John Flournoy: John Flournoy's guide hefts his big Rio Alegria trophy, on one of our winter Fly-in Safari trips.
John Flournoy
Bruce Mitchell: Bruce Mitchell hefts a beautiful peacock bass trophy caught in the backwaters of the Rio Matupiri on our Fall Amazon Angel Yacht trip.
Bruce Mitchell
Ed Perlman: Ed Perlman landed this brilliantly colored trophy peacock bass on our Fall  Fly-in Safari trip.
Ed Perlman
Bill Crain: Bill Crain gets some help from his guide displaying his enormous 24 and 1/2 pound hog, caught on a winter exploratory Fly-in Safari trip to the Rio Alegre.
Bill Crain
Lee Barbee: Lee Barbee put his largemouth bass expertise to work on the Rio Unini.  The result was this beautiful 20 pounder on our Fly-in Safari Camp trip.
Lee Barbee
Pete Longo: Pete Longo Jr. and Sr. pose with a Matupiri trophy.  The father and son duo fished together on our Fall Yacht Trip.
Pete Longo

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