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Giant Peacock Bass Distribution

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The Giant Peacock Bass is found in the Rio Negro, Rio Branco, Rio Madeira and Rio Orinoco basins. The definitive scientific name is Cichla temensis. Common names include; 3 barred peacock, the speckled peacock, tucunaré acú or tucunaré paca. This species is the primary target of Amazon sportfishermen and is recognized as the world's most powerful freshwater fish. The map below shows the primary drainages of South America and is centered on the Amazon basin. The red shaded area is a generalized representation of the natural range of the giant peacock bass and its transplantation in Lake Guri.

peacock bass map
Map depicting the range of the Amazon Peacock Bass species Cichla temensis.

The ranges shown in the map are based on a combination of information sources; specimen collection locations (of museum specimens) illustrated in a review of the genus Cichla (by Kullander and Ferreira, 2006), catch data from sportfishing activity and observations by Acute Angling. The ranges are estimations based on the river basins known to hold the species and the tributary streams and drainages likely to be included. The ranges are not meant to be definitive descriptions of species limitations. It is likely that some actual ranges may be larger than shown. Transplantations appear as isolated areas in a species' range. Not all transplantations are included. Much exploration, specimen collection and data review still needs to be done to fill in the gaps. The species represented in this map are listed in the color-coded section at the upper right of the map.

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