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Several secondary fisheries exist for peacock bass, outside of the three core regions. Many are close to Manaus, the largest, most developed Amazon city. Most are outside of protected waters and may be subject to pressure from commercial net fisherman as well as subsistence fishing. Here are a few of the better known areas.  Its generally best to avoid these since they are unlikely to meet angler’s expectations.  Acute Angling does not fish these regions.

  1. Balbina lake — A flooded region behind a hydroelectric dam north of Manaus.  Small fish, lots of traffic.
  2. Rio Uatuma — A populated area below the Balbina dam.  Often very heavily pressured.
  3. Manaus area — Heavily fished with heavy boat traffic.  Not a productive fishery.
  4. Parintins — High population area with commercial activity.
  5. Abobora, Sucunduru, Canuma — Unprotected, heavily fished area, although with good numbers of smaller fish.
  6. Marmelos — Does not hold Cichla temensis, is populated only with Cichla pinima, a smaller species.
Other Amazon Peacock Bass Fisheries Map
Map of Other Known Amazon Peacock Bass Fisheries

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