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Rio Madeira Peacock Bass Fishery

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The Blackwater Explorer’s Igapo Açu Fishery

This relatively clear blackwater system produces incredible numbers of peacock bass for both fly fishermen and conventional anglers from August through November. During high water, submerged vascular plant material in the lowlands flooded forest (igapò) is steeped by the flood, like a vast tea bag, emitting tannic, fulvic and humic acids, making the rivers in this region highly acidic blackwater systems. This lets the Rio Igapo Acu, Lago Tacquia and the Rio Matupiri provide perfect habitat for Cichla temensis, the giant peacock bass.

The Igapo Acu system drains into the Rio Madeira. Like the Solimoes, the Madeira is a whitewater system, carrying suspended particulate matter from the Andes, thus not itself a peacock bass fishery. However, its lower reaches are fed by several blackwater rivers. 

This is the place to go if your goal is lots of action, no matter the fishing style. We concentrate on this region from late August through early-October, right in the middle of its season, when water levels are perfect. The Rio Madeira basin represents a great balance between great quantity and good size and is a great place to start a serious peacock bass habit.

For more information about where to fish and when, see our detailed Peacock Bass Primer.

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