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Rio Negro Peacock Bass

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The Rio Negro Basin is the heart of the giant peacock's territory.  Like other large trunk rivers, the deep and fast channels of the enormous Rio Negro itself are not productive enough for us to concentrate our fishing efforts there.  However, the Rio Negro is fed by many tributaries, possesses myriad side channels (paranas) and sports a host of island archipelagos studded with lagoons that are individually superb fisheries. This huge basin is the most famous of all trophy peacock fisheries and contains the world's largest peacock bass within its vast drainage.

Our  comfortable yacht operation, the Blackwater Explorer, fishes the Rio Negro basin from mid-October until the middle of March. We consistently produce a blend of excellent numbers and trophy size in this massive area.  With dozens of side-channel paranàs and complex archipelagoes, and more than a dozen productive blackwater tributaries, such as the Alegria, Cuini, Araca and the Caures, our highly mobile mothership operation can always move to find optimal waters. 

Our Floating Bungalow operation, taking advantage of its ability to access headwaters regions, works its way into smaller tributaries in the Rio Negro basin and focuses on trophy fish.  The deeply tannin-stained waters in some of the headwaters regions we access are unique in their austere characteristics and low nutrient content. Consequently quantity tends to be lower here, but size is the key.

Whichever mechanism you choose to access this region, the Rio Negro basin contains the world’s largest peacock bass; with plenty of fish in double digits, fish well into the teens common, and monsters ranging from 20 pounds up to world record size lurking here. If a shot at a world record is your goal, then this is your fishery.

The Central Rio Negro Basin

Rio Caures - When water levels are dropping this river produces many big fish and good quantities as well - Depending on conditions, we’re often here at various times during October through December.

Rio Negro paranàs and archipelagoes  —These complex waters are consistently productive from October through March.

lower rio negro
Central Rio Negro Peacock Bass Fisheries

The Upper Rio Negro Basin

Rio Urubaxi - Known mostly as a big fish river, the Urubaxi generally has a short season (4-8 weeks, typically occurring between November and January. Due to its location, it's prone to quick changes in water level. But when levels are right, anglers can encounter excellent trophy fishing here. 

Rio Uneiuxi - Another big fish river, the Uneiuxi has large lagoons sparsely spaced along its length. More resistant to water level changes because of its shallow structure, it houses plenty of trophy fish. It's nutrient poor waters hold a lower overall biomass than other rivers, so numbers tend to be low. This river is all about size.

upper rio negro
Upper Rio Negro Peacock Bass Fisheries



Rio Curicuriari - This is the ultimate giant fish fishery and the site of our 2019 exploratory. Numbers are low here but size is amazing.  Our initial exploration of this river yielded 22 fish over 20 lbs. in 3 weeks —with monsters up to 26 lbs!  This is a true world-record class fishery.


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