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Where is the best place?

Amazon tributaries

Where is the best place? - In today’s world, Brazil is far and away the best choice. Politically stable and friendly to tourism, anglers can find six months worth of superb fishing for giant peacock bass in Brazil’s central Amazon lowlands. But it is such an enormous place, that even this is an oversimplification. Furthermore, ‘where to go’ and ‘when to go’ are inexorably tied together. In fact, the selection of when you go will mostly determine where you go.

As the dry season moves through giant peacock bass habitat from south to north, secondary and tertiary tributaries of some of the Amazon's trunk rivers, (the Madeira, the Negro and the Branco) will offer great concentrations of aggressive peacock bass.

The best locations to fish for them are typically remote from habitations and deep-water access. The sport fisherman will generally do best traveling well into the smaller tributary rivers or isolated paranás and complex archipelagos associated with main rivers. Here, lagoons and floodplain structure provide superior fishing grounds while the pristine surroundings and profound isolation serve to greatly enhance the Amazon experience. Acute Angling knows the destinations that will put you where the fish are and the crowds aren't. 

For more information see: A Peacock Bass Primer - Where to Catch Them — an article about peacock bass destinations.

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