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What's the best season?

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Paul Reiss holds up a trophy peacock bass.

What's the best time to go? - Well, sometime between August and March; but the real answer isn't quite that simple. Seasons in the rainforest do not correspond to seasons in the temperate zones. Rivers in Amazonia all experience a cyclical period of high and low water each year. During the long "rainy" season, Amazonian rivers can rise 10 meters or more, overflowing their banks and inundating huge areas of low-lying forest. This flooded jungle (known as 'igapó' in Brazil) offers superior forage and cover for many species of baitfish. Their predators, especially peacock bass, follow them into the flooded vegetation where they become all but impossible to catch.

Thus, the only fishable season for peacock bass is the "dry" season, beginning when the rains end, the flood abates and the rivers drop within their banks. As water levels fall, baitfish head back into the main river and connected lagoons to avoid being stranded in the rapidly drying floodplain. The peacocks follow as well and begin to gorge on the now concentrated food supply as they prepare to spawn. This period is when their accessibility and their aggressive behavior make them the most exciting freshwater fish in the world. But, these periods vary in their timing from region to region.

The dry season begins in the southern part of the Amazon basin in June and July. Southern rivers begin to provide good water levels in August. As the sea- son progresses, rivers further to the north begin to drop. The dry season moves slowly north during September and early October making rivers such as the Matupiri and the Igapo Acu among the optimal destinations for peacock bass in Brazil. By late October, falling water conditions move north of the main body of the Amazon itself, optimizing fishing in southerly tributaries of the Rio Negro. Come, January, northern tributaries in the Central Rio Negro basin offer some of the best Brazilian peacock bass fishing, right on into March.

Although the answer to “when is the best season “ is complex, it basically means that great peacock bass fishing is available somewhere in Amazonia from August through March. To keep it simple for the angler, all of Acute Angling’s operations move with the seasons, ensuring that you’re always in the right place at the right time.

For more information see our website article: A Peacock Bass Primer - Part II - 'The Fishery' - with a section about Amazonian seasons.           

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