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What You Need to Know to Plan
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How do I prepare?

Build up your muscles, these suckers are strong! Seriously though, although there is a fair amount of preparation necessary, we will walk you through it every step of the way. Once you book with Acute Angling, you’ll find that we offer an array of services and materials that will guide you through the preparations, effectively providing you with a turn–key package. 

Documentation — There are several important things necessary in order to prepare for a trip to the Amazon. The first item is documentation. You must have a currently valid passport and a Brazilian visa (obtained within one year before first use) in order to enter Brazil. You can obtain the passport through the U.S. Passport agency and the visa through your nearest local Brazilian consulate. Or, if you prefer, use the materials sent in our visa and travel package and let us help you obtain either or both documents through our affiliated travel documentation service. Because the Brazilian visa application is only valid for one year before entry, we will send this package timed to your specific trip and within the range of your departure.

Immunizations — At this time, no immunizations are required, either by CDC or Brazil for entry (unless your passport shows that you have visited a country that has yellow fever — Brazil does not have and does not want it!). Furthermore, our fisheries are free of mosquitos and located in essentially unpopulated areas, minimizing any health concerns. However, we strongly suggest that you consult with your personal doctor regarding inoculations (and anti-malarial pills)  (see "What about Tropical Diseases?"). Based on the advice you receive from these qualified sources, arrange for any doctor visits, shots or pills you decide upon. Give yourself enough time before your trip so that any immunizations you choose to get can take effect.

Personal Gear — Next, far in advance of your trip, start collecting the essential gear and clothing necessary to assure your comfort on the trip (our pre-trip information package will include our recommended check-list). Pack light. Most anglers bring too much clothing. All of our operations provide daily laundry service, so plan accordingly. And remember, we provide all of the conventional rods and reels you’ll need, at no charge.  A small carry-on, packed with your personal essentials, and a soft, rolling duffel bag (that you can handle in the airport) should hold everything you need. Keep in mind that all of our operations use charter airplanes to access the fisheries and they have stringent weight limitations. Finally, make sure you pack a good, weatherproof camera. No one is going to believe your tall tales unless you can back them up with pictures! All of this information is detailed in our initial reservation pre-trip package.

For more information see: Pre-trip Information - a comprehensive guide to trip preparation

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