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What exactly is Amazonia?

The Amazon basin has thousands of tributaries with a drainage area of almost 3,000,000 square miles (this incorporates parts of Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Suriname, Guyana, Brazil and Venezuela), and is nearly twice as large as the area drained by any of the other great rivers worldwide. At its discharge point in the Atlantic, the river's overall volume is estimated at over seven times that of the Mississippi! ‘Amazonia’ is an exceedingly diverse combination of specific niches within one giant ecosystem. Wildlife, insects, birds, fish and vegetation vary greatly depending upon soil type and proximity to fluctuating water levels. The Amazon's overall watershed encompasses 1/5 of all the world's fresh water.

Amazon basin
'Amazonia' is an exceedingly diverse combination of specific ecological niches within
one giant wilderness and the fisherman's and fish enthusiast's ultimate destination

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