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What about bird life?

Amazon Bird
The Amazon has some of the most diverse bird life on the planet.

What about bird life? -Welcome to the birder's paradise! The Amazon has some of the most diverse bird life on the planet. Just seated in your fishing boat, you can see dozens of species every day. The most common sightings include numerous species of parrots, parakeets, spectacular blue and yellow and scarlet and gold macaws, toucans, muscovy ducks, hawks, falcons, eagles, owls, egrets, herons, weaver birds, guans, tinamous and curassows.

This is a land where kingfishers escort you into and out of their territory, while freshwater terns fly "shotgun" as you cruise the rivers. Anglers often see the giant Amazonian stork, the 'Jabiru'. Strikingly marked tiger herons, sun bitterns and jacanas keep an eye on you from the shorelines. One of the strangest of all birds, the prehistoric 'hoatzin' makes it's home along Amazon riverbanks. Several species of ibis and bittern abound. At nightfall, nightjars and nighthawks patrol the air above the river in search of unlucky insects. Occasionally, very lucky anglers are treated to a sighting of one of the rarest, the most memorable and the largest of all raptors, the great harpy eagle.

The surrounding jungles host strange mixed species flocks that stomp about the forest floor. They create noisy disturbances and eat the fleeing insects and other small critters they spook. Strikingly colored trogons and antbirds can be found here. Flycatchers can be seen from a distance. Gnat catchers, creepers and hummingbirds are visible to the sharp-eyed observer. There are countless varieties of smaller birds too diverse to go into in this introductory statement. Brazil alone is home to over 800 resident and 250 migratory species. Bring your binoculars. This is the place to add to your lifelist.

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