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What is the jungle like?

Jungle substrate varies greatly from river to river. Some rivers have trees with a high canopy adjacent to the river’s edge. In these areas, one can walk about in the jungle with little effort. Other rivers have extremely impenetrable, thick low-lying brush along the rivers edge. In all cases, vegetation changes the further one travels from the water’s edge. The jungle floor also varies from place to place. Some shorelines have smooth sandy soils with a light covering of leaves, while other locations have spongy bottoms consisting of several feet of dead leaves.

Most rivers allow access to a variety of jungle and forest types along their banks, from flood-plain ’igapó’ to high-canopied primary forests. Your guides will be happy to take you exploring in the forest if you're interested, but don't wander off by yourself. Hiking in the jungle without an extremely knowledgeable guide is not recommended – it is very easy to get lost.

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