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Learn more about fishing trips - Explore the rest of our website or just call us.  We have detailed information about where to go and how to catch peacock bass in our Peacock Bass Primer. We have articles about various rivers and peacock bass destinations as well as detailed itineraries for peacock bass and trips for many other species as well. See our Home Page. Find out about fishing for payara and pirapitinga and giant Amazon catfish in Brazil’s Guyana Shield mountains.  A complete listing of trips can be found on our Fishing Trip information page. See below for information on how to contact us directly. Except for fishing, we love nothing more than talking about fishing!

Learn More about Peacock Bass Fishing
Learn More about Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing and Fishing Trips

Learn more about peacock bass and the other fierce fishes of the Amazon - Check out our peacock bass ID guide to find out what species you're catching. There are fifteen recognized species at this time. Look in our science and conservation section for information about the peacock bass and its unique pulsative environment. Our Gamefish of the Amazon section will give you a basic course on many of the other exotic fighting species found in the Amazon .

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