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What do we eat?

We provide gourmet, restaurant quality meals.  We can safely guarantee that the food in all of our operations is far better than you expect!

Our Amazonian operations are staffed by experienced and skillful personnel. However, as good as everyone on our staff is, the chef and cooking staff is always better! The quality of our meals is always beyond expectation. The food is delicious and the menu is broad in all of our operations ... and there's always more than you can eat. A hot breakfast is provided every morning with coffee, milk, juice, toast, eggs, bacon and pancakes or French toast. Various breads and rolls and other specialties are always included. Anglers pack a box lunch with sandwiches they make themselves from a selection of cold cuts, cheese, lettuce, tomato, chicken, eggs and often a pate' of local fish. Topped off with cookies and fruit, lunch is usually eaten on the river. If desired, anglers are always welcome to return to camp at noon for lunch.

All of our Amazonian camps have skilled chefs.

After fishing, most anglers make their way to the camp's comfortable dining room or our yacht’s spacious open-air lounge to trade tall tales and enjoy a soft drink or cold beer or cocktail. Our chefs make terrific appetizers ranging from pizza snacks to savory fish tidbits to brighten up our jungle version of happy hour. Dinner is served around seven each evening. Dinners consist of superb soups, fresh salad, and three main dish options are always offered; an American style entree (steak, chicken, lasagna etc.); fresh fish; and also a native style entrée. Vegetables and beans and rice are always included. We serve fine wines with every dinner. Wonderful desserts are served after dinner.

Our staff is able to accommodate most special dietary needs, (such as gluten free meals) if advised in advance. No one goes hungry in our camps. Our problem is that we usually enjoy the food so much, it always means a period of dieting upon returning home, to get back to a reasonable weight.

Let Acute Angling take you on the fishing trip of a lifetime!