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How do we fish?

How do we fish? - All of our Amazonian operations fish two anglers per boat with an experienced Brazilian guide. Each of our operations uses specially designed and purpose-built fishing boats. Stable 16 foot aluminum boats with casting platforms, 40-horse outboards and electric trolling motors are standard equipment on our yacht trips. In regions with navigation challenges we use longer, lighter boats with combination semi-vee and partial flat-bottom hulls to provide superior maneuverability. We don’t use heavy, 90 hp broad-beamed bass boats - because they simply can‘t get into the waters we want to fish.

Our experienced guides will take you up or down river to locations that they know to produce fish, or, you are welcome to ask them to explore and try new waters. Most fishing is in the still water of lagoons connected to the river. Occasionally, under the right conditions, you may fish in the river itself, in locations which provide cover for structure loving peacocks. Your guide will start off each day with a plan so that you have an opportunity to fish new waters. Of course, if you've found a spot that you want to return to over and over, feel free to have your camp host adjust the plan to accommodate you. They are always at your beck and call.

Amazon peacock bass fishing boat and fishing trip guide
Our Amazon fishing trip guides are all expert boatmen and accomplished Peacock Bass fishermen.  They’ll put you on the fish and make sure you succeed.

Our guides are all expert peacock bass fishermen. They will locate fish, guide you in lure selection, fishing techniques and even help with casting accuracy. Peacock bass relate to structure, making it very productive to cast into some tough spots. Don't worry if you get hung up or into the trees, your guide will promptly recover your lure for you. Our guides are native to the Amazon, are very well trained and know the rivers in great detail. They can always make their way back to camp in the evenings, no matter how far you've wandered or how lost you might feel. 

Amazon peacock bass fishing boat and fishing trip guide
Our boats provide stable casting platforms.

They are also well versed in the operation and upkeep of their equipment (as well as your fishing tackle) and can be counted on to make sure that everything works as it should. All that's left for you to worry about is where to cast and what to do with that wild thing on the end of your line once you hook up.

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