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Isn't it dangerous ?

Emphatically, no! The camps, the boats, the gear are all operated and maintained by our expert, experienced staff. Clients are well cared for in a safe and secure lodge, floating bungalow or yacht environment. Furthermore, the Amazon blackwater regions we fish are remarkably benign environments, free of mosquitos, biting gnats and other pests. Typically, the most common dangers are sunburn and fishhooks (your own).

Just as in any camping situation, a detailed knowledge of ambient conditions and local wildlife is important to enable the safest and most enjoyable experience. All of our camps are staffed by native Amazonians. They are as familiar with the exotic Amazon environment as your local outdoor experts are with your own regional wilderness. Our expert staff makes all aspects of the trip easy, comfortable and non-strenuous, making it readily accessible to youngsters and seniors alike. Your job here is to fish, eat, drink and relax!

Our guides handle all of the fish landing and hook removal chores — and for good reason! see below;

piranha jaws
Piranha Jaws
payara jaws
Payara Jaws
trairao jaws
Wolfish Jaws

An important note - As safe as we know our trips to be, it is still necessary that certain anglers consider the true remoteness of our fishing operations. Individuals with potentially dangerous medical conditions should be aware that rapid transportation to medical facilities often requires the use of a float plane and can potentially take many hours.

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