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Will I get sick from the water?

No, not in our operations. You won't be drinking local water or river water. Our trips use and provide only bottled water, in addition to canned soda and beer, bottled wine and liquor.  Bottled water is used for juices, ice cubes and cooking, thereby eliminating contact with the native flora and the likelihood of “Montezuma’s Revenge”. You're not going to contract any exotic tropical diseases in our operations.

bottled water
All water for cooking, food preparation, ice and drinking water on all of our Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing trips comes from bottled mineral water.

Traveler's diarrhea, however, can still occur from other sources. As careful as we are about providing bottled water, on occasion, an individual may still come down with a case of the runs. They may forget or be unaware of the consequences of drinking South American water and perhaps order a drink or a juice in a hotel or restaurant (their water and ice may not be purified), or in some fashion manage to consume the local flora. We recommend carrying an appropriate antibiotic such as Cipro (check with your physician) to quickly nip the condition in the bud. A good antidiarrheal, such is Imodium is also helpful to suppress the symptoms.

Although the simple act of traveling overseas and being exposed to new foods, different conditions and foreign ambient flora can upset one's normal routine, our anglers almost never experience any problems.

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