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What's the weather like?

What's the weather like? - Well it's hot, but not any hotter than Dallas in August. And though it's usually fairly dry during our fishing season, it can get humid, although not any worse than Florida in July. Day-time temperatures can range from 75 to 100 degrees while the nights are generally cooler, from 70 to 80 degrees. The dry season in Amazonia is noted for its relatively benign conditions.

The sun is an altogether different story. Amazonia is located essentially astride the equator. Nowhere on earth is the sun more powerful and more capable of causing sunburn than here. Make sure that you bring and use plenty of sun block and, especially for the sun sensitive, cover up with good quality tropical clothing. We recommend light-colored, long sleeve shirts, pants, a full-cover fishing hat and good quality polarized glasses.

Amazon sunset
Amazon Sunset

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