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Peacock Bass Fishing Primer

Learn to Catch Amazon Peacock Bass
A How-to Guide of Tactics, Tips & Techniques

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Peacock Bass Fishing Introduction:
Learn where, when and how to get that trophy on your wall.

Peacock bass trophy
Mounted Peacock Bass Trophy

Selecting and booking the right peacock bass trip is the first step toward catching a trophy fish. But, even though an outfitter may bring you to the perfect spot at the perfect time, and even though your guide may put you right onto the fish, you still have to go out and hook and land the elusive and often uncooperative critters yourself. Therefore, we offer you a compendium of tackle, tactics and techniques designed to get them to bite and to help you win the fight once they're on. Hopefully, armed with a wisely booked trip, a professional guide and a fine tuned arsenal of tackle, this peacock primer is all you'll need to bring that 15 or 20 or even 25 pounder to the boat.

Peacock Bass Replica
Peacock Bass Replica

Acute Angling is your one-stop provider for the best in peacock bass and Amazon exotic species fishing. We operate a full range of access mechanisms to get you to the Amazon’s best fishing - whether you're interested in a yacht mothership trip, a fly-in floating bungalow camp or a multi-species lodge. We know the fish, the seasons and the locations better than anyone in the business and we provide the precisely correct tackle, … Read our "Peacock Bass Primer" to learn when, where and how to catch trophy peacock bass.

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